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Do you need Salem Air Duct Cleaning?  Call Safe Air Duct, we include before and after camera inspection as well as sanitizer without any extra charges or fees!

Air Duct Cleaning in Salem, Utah

Over The Top Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning in Salem, Utah – We’ll inspect and clean your HVAC air ducts with same-day service, anywhere in Salem.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Salem, Utah – When we’re cleaning your air ducts, we’ll look at your dryer vents. Most vents require annual cleaning to prevent buildup.

Dryer Vent Cleaning In Salem

Why does your living room smell like the Salem Pond is going stagnant? If the air quality in your home is diving in recent weeks, it’s a sign that you need to book an inspection of your air and dryer ducts.

When the debris in the air enters the air ducting, it starts to create a layer on the ducts’ lining. Over the years, this layer gets thick, reducing the efficacy of your HVAC system while creating a health risk in your home or office. offers deep cleaning of your home, office, or commercial buildings HVAC ducting. We service both sides of the Salem canal, contact us to book an inspection today.

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The Best Air Duct Cleaners

When we arrive at your property for air duct inspections and dryer vent inspections, we bring a specialized video scope. The scope allows us to peek through your air ducts, checking on the condition of the system without the need to get into your roof or remove any components from the HVAC.

When we show you the results of our inspection, you’re going to find it shocking you never thought of doing this sooner. We service homes and businesses across Salt Lake County and Utah County, and we have yet to meet anyone that wasn’t distraught with the current condition of their dryer vents or air ducts.
Salem Air Duct Cleaning

Transparent Pricing and the Best Rates for Air Duct Cleaning in Salem

When we book you for an air duct cleaning, you get the best service in Salem. We believe in delivering an affordable, efficient, and effective service for our clients.

At, we provide inspections, air duct cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning, for homes and businesses all over Salem, Salt Lake County, and Utah County.

We do background checks on every member that joins our team. You can rest assured that you’re dealing with honest and ethical people when you hire

Environmentally-Safe Cleaning for Your Home, Office, or Commercial Building

At Salem Air Duct Cleaning, we utilize environmentally-friendly and biodegradable sanitization agents to clean your air ducts. Our professional cleaning equipment won’t damage your ducting. We use a powerful whip-line cleaning tool to extract all of the debris inside the ducts and polish the internals.

We finish the job by coating your ducting and dryer vent with an anti-microbial lining that kills pathogens on contact.

We suck all the debris into our HEPA filter box, with none of it getting into your home. After we finish, you’ll notice an increase in the airflow in your home as the HVAC starts to work at optimal efficiency. The air will smell fresh and clean, protecting the health of your family.

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