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Lehi is one of the fastest growing cities in Utah – and this means that office spaces and residential areas are more crowded, even with access to HVAC units. Air ducts and dryer vents should be cleaned and sanitized at least once every few years to ensure a sanitary result; it’s also not the kind of job that anyone should do DIY! That’s why you should call us.

The Air Duct Safety Specialists in Lehi, UT

For air duct safety inspection and certification, we’re the best experienced team to call.

All air ducts and dryer vents have to comply with certain laws in Salt Lake City and the great state of Utah: We’re experts on what this takes to achieve, including the applicable laws and standards for the state.

Contact us to make sure your ducts are fully compliant.

Residential & Commercial Lehi Air Duct Sanitization and Cleaning

We offer both residential and commercial air duct sanitization and cleaning.

Air ducts and dryer vents that haven’t been cleaned or maintained in too long can lead to trouble: An increased potential of allergies, infections and blockages in your ducts – and health concerns for anyone breathing in this environment.

Our Lehi air duct cleaners and sanitization methods covers all of Lehi, UT and surrounding areas.

We’ll use only the best, safe and non-toxic sanitization agents to provide a professional cleaning service that is compliant with hygiene, safety and sanitization laws.

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Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

We also offer additional air duct & dryer vent cleaning services for Lehi, Utah and surrounding areas.

Our sanitization guarantee means that we promise a job well done using only the best products administered by knowledgeable sanitization experts.

The proof is in hiring us for the job. We’ve never had an unhappy client!

Compliance & Safety Inspections for Salt Lake County

It’s not enough for vents and ducts to be clean – they have to be proven to be!

Our experienced and qualified experts also offer compliance and safety inspections for Salt Lake County, Utah and surrounding areas. This means that we know local laws on safety, hygiene and sanitization by heart – and we’ll make sure that your building complies.

It’s our pleasure: An added yet included service that not all companies offer.

Safe Air Duct Promises Tested Results

If there’s anything you would like to know about how we get to work or which sanitization agents are used for the cleaning process, just ask! Safe Air Duct promises clinically tested results to remove bacteria, viruses, allergens and traces of mold from the inner-environment of your vents.

Can your current sanitization company say the same?

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