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Allergies, irritations and bacteria are all factors that could be hiding in your air conditioning unit – and if you can’t remember when last you’ve had it cleaned out, it might have been there for years or decades. A dirty HVAC or air conditioning unit can be a lot more dangerous to their health than people realize.

SafeAirDuct is here to help.

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We’re one of the top dryer vent cleaning air duct cleaning companies well know for our sanitization and cleaning techniques in Holladay,Utah.

When your vents and ducts aren’t clean, the air you breathe could be hazardous to everyone near it. This is usually when companies and businesses call us.

If you can’t remember the last time vents were properly sanitized, cleaned or inspected, it would have been a good idea to call us a few months ago: Call us now.

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Professional Cleaning Guaranteed

A professional dryer or vent cleaning is not an easy task.

It often means hard work – and getting into hard or impossible corners. It’s not the kind of job anyone can (or should) attempt themselves.

We have the tools and experience necessary to handle any dryer or vent cleaning job, even if you aren’t sure where the vents in your home or business are located.

Certified Safety Inspections for Utah

We’re more than just vent cleaning experts: We’re familiar with laws and regulations in Salt Lake County, Utah that apply to vent safety and sanitization. Vents have to be inspected and certified according to these laws before they can be put to use – and this is a service that requires a professional company who knows the law.

Around these parts, that’s us.

Are you in need of air duct cleaning in Hollday?

We will dispatch one of our experienced duct cleaners to tackle your duct worries!

Safe-to-Use Sanitization Agents

Sanitization agents used during the cleaning process has to be dangerous to germs, bacteria and allergens – but be entirely safe for people. We’ve chosen our cleaning products with extreme care to ensure that everything we use is effective and non-toxic at the same time.

The sanitization agents used by the SafeAirDuct team is guaranteed to be safe, with no lingering smell or potentially dangerous effects after it has been used.

Holladay, Utah and Elsewhere

Our services are available to companies and homes in Holladay, Utah and surrounding areas. This includes vent & dryer cleaning as well as safety and sanitization inspections for ensuring that your environment is safe and legally compliant.

If you aren’t sure whether we’ve got your area covered, search for it or get in touch to ask.

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If you have any questions about who we are, what we do or how we go to work doing it, just get in touch with the SafeAirDuct team and ask! We always appreciate hearing from potential customers and clients (and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we’ve received your message).