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When was the last were the air ducts and dryer vents in your home or business checked, sanitized and certified to be safe? Even though it’s one of the most important things for the health of everyone who frequents the environment, most people can’t answer this question. That’s where we come in.
Safe Air Duct is a team of cleaning professionals servicing commercial & home systems in Highland, Utah and surrounds.
Here’s more about the products we use, the people we hire and the services we provide.

When Should Ducts and Vents Be Checked? 

Vents and ducts are meant to improve the air quality of the environment by filtering possible contaminants – but in systems that haven’t been maintained properly, the vents themselves can be the source of the most dangerous contaminants in the air.

Ventilation systems should be sanitized and inspected at least once every three to six months.

This ensures that these systems are in working order and free of potential allergens, contaminants, mold or blockages.

Call Us for Dryer Vents & Air Ducts In Highland

We’re Highland dryer vent and air duct cleaning specialists.

Companies and homes throughout Utah trusts the Safe Air Duct team when it comes to making sure their dryer vents comply to local health standards.

If your vents haven’t been cleaned or checked in a while, it’s time to call us

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A Job Well Done – Guaranteed

We’re one of the top vent sanitization companies for Highland, Utah because we’ve put a lot of time and dedication into building this reputation. 

For our customers, this means we guarantee a job well done every single time.

We’ll only sign off on a job as done once we’re sure it has been done from corner to corner and vent to vent. 

It’s how we’ve made sure of consistently happy customers and it’s how we can help you.

Only Safe-to-Use Cleaning Agents 

Commercial cleaning and sanitization agents are notoriously harsh and sometimes unsafe. We’ve made sure that all of the chemicals used by the SafeAirDuct team are safe to use for people and the environment, but as dangerous as they should be to potential dangers like mold traces and bacteria.

If you would like to know more about the chemicals we use, get in touch and ask for more information.

Highland Air Duct Inspection

Air ducts and ventilation systems have to comply with specific laws and regulations. In Utah, this means that your air ducts and ventilation systems should be inspected on a regular basis – and certified as safe – or you could find yourself faced with fines. 
We specialize in more than just sanitization; the Safe Air Duct team can also assist with inspection and safety certification of ventilation systems in Highland, Utah.

Servicing Highland, Utah & Surrounding Cities

We’re a professional cleaning company servicing Highland, Utah and surrounding areas. If you’re in need of sanitization or inspection, we’ll send our team to you.

If you’re anywhere in Utah and not sure whether or not we’ve got your area covered, get in touch or search our overall coverage map to find yours.